How long will it take for my site to be listed?
As with any submission service we can not make any guarantees that your site will be listed because in the end it is the search engines choice who gets listed and who doesn't but with all the tools provided by E-Spain Search Engine Submission all members have the ability to get their sites listed in the major search engines.

How many search engines will i be able to submit my site to?
 All members will be able to submit to 48 of the top search engines and directories! Click here to view the current list of search engines. 

Can I submit as many sites as i want with E-Spain Search Engine Submission?
Yes, by becoming a member of E-Spain Search Engine Submission you will be able to submit as many urls as often as you would like !

How will I know if my submissions are successful? 
E-Spain Search Engine Submission takes the guess work out of submitting your sites to search engines because our members can submit their sites themselves right from the members area so you know your sites have been submitted. 

Can i get i trouble for over submitting to anyof the search engines?
Depending on the search engine they may ban you for over-submitting ! You should only submit each website one time per month.

Is there restrictions on the number of times i may use E-Spain Search Engine Submission other tools?
Currently, we allow our members to use all of our tools as much as they would like for as many websites as they would like except for the traffic tracking service which can only be used on 1 website

If i decide to become a member how long before i can access the members area? ? 
Your membership will be active instantly after payment


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